Recent Earthquakes And Their Effects

recent earthquakesAre you wondering the effects of recent earthquakes that you have heard about? It means that you come to the right site since we are going to discuss the effects of earthquakes alongside information regarding the main causes of an earthquake. Well, when it comes to the effect of the earthquake, you must have known that it can possibly create serious damage in building and other things. In some ways, it may take many people to die as well. Now, let’s just read further information about this statement as follow.

Main Causes Of Recent Earthquakes And Their Effects

Before we are talking about the effects of an earthquake, it is important to know about the main cause of an earthquake first. Well, there are actually two causes of earthquakes that you need to know. The first one is a tectonic earthquake and the second one is a volcanic earthquake. As the name suggests, recent earthquakes which happen due to tectonic activities are called a tectonic earthquake. In this case, it occurs when the stress of energy releasing gets bigger and the edge of earth plate cannot endure it anymore. Then, the second one is a volcanic earthquake which in this case is occurred because of magma movement inside an active volcano.

After learning about the main causes of an earthquake, we can begin to talk about the effect of earthquakes. In this case, we may tend to talk about the negative effects of the earthquake for human and their environment. In this case, the effect of the earthquake is highly based on the scale of the earthquake itself. When it is big enough, it can cause houses and buildings to collapse. Then, when the earthquake happens suddenly and people do not have time to save themselves, there can be many people die. At last, those are little about recent earthquakes main causes and effects.

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