Korean Bad Plastic Surgery

celebrity plastic surgeryBad Plastic Surgery is the most thing that Korean citizens afraid of. Not only because they will spend more money and not get the results that they want. It’s also could make their face and body being ugly and looks so strange. If the surgery success people whose done it will be very happy and not wanted their money but if the surgery went wrong and had bad results it could make a big impact in the patient’s life.

Korean Citizen Bad Plastic Surgeries

Bad Plastic Surgery in Korean is rarely to found because of their professional doctor. But there is still some case that the patient is getting bad surgery in Korean. In Gwanghamun, there are some of the places that are famous for their best plastic surgery but in 2010 there is someone from Gwangju that had failed plastic surgery. This case is very famous and being the talk of the town for a long time. That girl from Gwangju is having a failed jawline surgery so that she had to look strange because of the failed jawline surgery she is done. Not only the failed jawline surgery she also had failed the double eyelid surgery. It’s more dangerous because after the surgery she had bad vision. This is so fatal and disadvantageous for the patient. Although that patient should sign the contract before but it is still damaging to have a job in other to fix your unwanted body.

After that bad plastic surgery, the girl is being mocked by Korean citizens and gets bullied in her Scholl. It is such a bad experience in plastic surgery. It’s better to be grateful for something you had now. Even if you do not like your some part of your face it’s better to be grateful and happily receive your face as the way it is.

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