The Famous Electric Cigarettes

Health lifeCigarettes are the dangerous things yet still being consumed by many men in all over the world. Not only men, some women also trying to smoke the cigarettes. People whose consuming cigarettes are called as smokers. Smokers said that by consuming cigarettes it could make your stress away like the smoke that getting far away. Recently, people are moving from cigarettes into electric cigarettes that called as vape from the vaporizer. This type of cigarettes is guessed as the healthier smokes than the cigarettes. Most of the people whose smoke cigarettes are changing into vaporizer which is said not dangerous like the cigarettes. But is vapor really not dangerous at all?

Vapor or Electric cigarettes are compound by three components which are battery, heating element, and cylinder tube that contains liquid or cartridge. The liquid contains nicotine, glycerin, and flavored like fruits or chocolates. Some of those vapor had batteries and liquid that could be recharge. This electric cigarette works by heating the liquid inside the tube that results in smoke that could be absorbed from the funnel. The glycerin inside liquid could make your respiration irritation. Vapor also contains TSNA or tobacco-specific nitrosamine which is found in cigarettes. So far, the vapor is much healthy than the cigarettes but it’s also contained nicotine which is not good for human body. Even though that vapor is not dangerous yet, but it’s better to reducing your amount of smokes in other to keep your health.

Moreover, there are so many cases about vapor nowadays. Recently, there are so many cases that said vapor could burst and threaten yourself. In America, there is an accident from the burst of the vapor and make the smokers bruise and get scars. Even though vapor is not caused your body in danger yet, but you are better to reduce the amount of your vaporizer. Because treating is more difficult than restraint.

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