Cooking Juicy Chicken Recipes

Recipes Do you like chicken? Indeed there are many people who like it. Not only the taste but also the fat, protein and another nutrient can be found here. Thus there will be many chicken recipes which all people can try at home. When we talk about cooking chicken, one thing that is commonly thought is about juicy chicken. Here, having juicy chicken is the purpose of people when they cook the meat. Then, how to get it? For those who want to know more about it below is the explanation for you.

How To Cook Juicy Chicken Recipes?

Here there are some ways to cook juicy chicken recipes. In this case, there is no need for you to be a worry if the steps will be difficult. That is why what to do are preparation and cooking only. The preparation time it is only about 2 minutes while the cook time is 25 minutes. This recipe is also very good for those who are the beginners since it is very easy. In this case, the ingredient which must be prepared is chicken breast, salt, pepper and olive oil. After that, you can do some directions as below.

Firstly, what you must do is rubbing chicken breast with olive oil, salt and also pepper. Then you place it and cook about 10 minutes until the edges become opaque. Flip to another side and you can lower the heat to cook it about 10 minutes. The important thing to do here is you should let the meat rest about 5 minutes. After doing all of the instructions above indeed you can get such a juicy chicken recipes. Indeed, all of the steps having been mentioned before will not too difficult. It means that it is just easy to get juicy chicken meat, isn’t it?

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