Causes Of Insomnia

Health lifeDo you know what insomnia is? As having been known that insomnia is a disorder which commonly faced by people. Indeed you often hear this term, don’t you? Talking about this disorder, those who suffer it will not sleep at night. Otherwise, they also will wake up several times while sleeping. Of course, it is abnormal and when the signs of insomnia have made people have healthy problem both body and mental, medical treatment should be done here.

Moreover, what are the cause of insomnia? In this case, there are several things which can cause this disorder. To know more information relating to it, the following explanation is the answer you should know.

  1. Stress

From many causes of insomnia, stress becomes the most common cause of it. As we know that worrying something, of course, will make body is hard to get sleep well. Thus any stressful event in your life like relating to job, family, money and many more lead this disorder. Usually, when the problem have been solved the sufferers can get a good sleep again.

  1. Psychiatric problem

For the second cause of insomnia is a psychiatric problem. In this case, those who have mental disorders can have a high risk of getting insomnia. For instance are mood disorder such as bipolar and depression, psychotic disorder like schizophrenia, and anxiety disorder. We can see that those who have that mental disorder commonly cannot sleep at night.

  1. Physical condition

Not only psychiatric problem, the physical condition can lead insomnia as well. Here those who have got illness tend to be hard to sleep at night. Some physical condition which causes this disorder is heart disease, lung disease, neurological disorder and much more.

  1. Drug and substance abuse

For the next cause which leads insomnia is drug and substance abuse. It means that the consumption of alcohol, caffeine intake, and nicotine become the bad thing which then causes people cannot sleep well.

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