Android Game Download: Onet Classic

Dodo HackLegend of Android game download is Onet classics. This game is a game board from PC that adapted to the android. This is an addictive and super easy game. This game also can be played by many people, for children, adult or even to play by granny and grandfather. All of the people is really falling in love with one. Although it is easy but there is also time ticking so it’s more challenging.

Admirable Android Game Download

As the legend of Android game download, one already downloaded by billion devices all over the world. Although this game is just searching the same picture to be matched in. But their fans really love this game. To match the same picture you need to link it, but there is some strictness to make it harder. The linking area is not too big. Is just can spread to make two curves in each link from the same picture to another one. And there is also time to make this game more challenging. So you have to find and match all of those pictures in severe minutes. If you are not matched all the pictures yet, the time will be ticking and boom you will be failed to go to the next stage. To clear the stage you have to match all the picture before the time is up. There is also a hint to help you find the possible same pictures and a reverse to switch out picture’s place. This game is very easy yet so challenging. You have to compete with the time and match the picture faster before the time is running out.

This game is very good to exercise your eyes. Because in this game you need to be careful and see all the pictures without pass the single pictures. Your moves might false and ended up you need to replace all the picture cards. To had many hints and reverse you can check game cheats. You could get more hints and number to reserve more.

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